Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's get Twisted!

Short post - promise! That's the only way I'll be able to sleep is if I write...

Eventful day in the CHARMED world. Joy and I mailed off a lovely package for a lovely lady who's attending a white party this weekend... how exciting!! More packages to mail tomorrow, but I'm not complaining. Mailing is good, really good! They are super cute too... guess you'll just have to order and see for yourself!

The last half of the day was spent at a new bead shop here in Fayetteville, The Twisted Jeweler. Three words to describe the shop and the owner, Mike... lovely, LOVELY, lovely. Beyond the fact that the shop is outstanding, lavishly stocked, and has great prices; Mike was just awesome with great advice and we truly appreciated that. It's nice to have people who are already THERE share what they know with you.

Here's a peek at what I grabbed today.... can't reveal it all, but I envision some Carnelian earrings coming soon and maybe a teardrop pearl and gold pendant. If you want to see more check us out on Facebook. See my naked lady in the back?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What do you TREASURE?

One of the great parts of Etsy is the TREASURY section. This is where regular shopowners like us get to be the curators and put together unique items that we think are special. We chose the theme... the idea is all ours.Well, in 'celebration' of back to school the Charmed Styles treasury is Unsuspecting Tested Teacher's Tools. You can check it out here. If you look at the items and you're a teacher, then you'll understand immediately what each item is for. If you're not a teacher... there's some splaining to be done. I won't explain each one...

the beanie/tam/hat is for bad hair days especially during the winter. Since I'm a natural chica (Joy is as well and so is Melody of OriganallyMel) our hair might be damp in the morning. We don't want to risk getting sick and everyone knows part of feeling good is looking good. Sounds vain, but its true.

Another unsuspecting item in the treasury... typing gloves... LOL... WHAT? Sometimes its really cold.... and it IS really difficult to type and maneuver the computer when you have all the material wrapped around your fingers.

An apron is pretty obvious, but don't worry. I don't wear it everyday. Not that anything is wrong with that. I just like to have an apron hand in case I wear a skirt with no pockets or white pants.

Hawk Medicine Bag
The Hawk is our school mascot. The items in medicine bags are for calming, soothing, and protecting purposes. TING*

This button is awesome!
I also listed Red Apple Fragrance lotion, Know it All pencils (too cute), a clipboard with a positive affirmation, LIP BALM LIP BALM LIP BALM, an ouch pouch (first aid kit), apple earrings (adorable), red hoop earrings (gotta have hoops), a charm bracelet, and note cards.

Let me explain the blank note cards. If nothing else, every teacher should walk away with at least THIS as a piece of advice: always keep blank cards handy. I don't know about you, but it's nearly impossible for me to try to keep up with all of my students birthdays, but when they come in and one of the friends announces it to the world (you know they will) quickly write them a note on the card and give it to them at the end of class. Take 2 mins to decorate the card w/markers, stickers OR computer clipart and I assure you they will LOVE it. They also love this as a random reward. They really do appreciate the simple things.

Alright, dolls.... that's its for the CHARMING life the Sunday Edition....

NC, did you enjoy your tax free weekend??


Saturday, August 7, 2010 Album: Jewelry

Attack of the killer bees!!

Actually, it was a wasp... just one. It interrupted Joy and I as we were tinkering away with the jewelry. I opened the door to let Miss Eva (my pup) in and a wasp followed her. I thought it would be a pretty easy task to quickly hit the slow moving wasp with a broom and keep it moving. Boy, was I wrong!!

First, the killer bee landed on the ceiling of the kitchen... I ducked and grabbed the broom... hissed at Eva and swung. I missed.... yes I ran for cover. Yes... I screamed a little. Asked Joy if she knew where her Epi-Pen was (she's allergic to the WORLD). I went back into the kitchen for a 2nd attempt (Joy of course did NOT come out to help). This time the killer bee was on top of the fride... I grabbed my streaming bug spray and started streaming..... apparently I sprayed everything BUT the killer bee! (I was never good at the Fair games when you had to shoot at something). I abandoned the toxins because it was all over my kitchen (horrible).... at this point I watched the killer bee for a while - a couple seconds. Asked Eva was she going to do anything about it... its above her eye level, so she wasn't concerned.

Finally, I told Joy that she HAD to come assist me. She hesitantly comes out the room... I reassured her that I would not let her get stung and that I knew the quickest route to the ER and some natural alternatives to the Epi-Pen. I handed her a spray bottle full of water and I was armed with the broom. We tagged teamed that killer bee! But once we killed it.... it landed on TOP of the cupboard and I (afraid of heights) had to examine the evidence to reassure Miss Lady that it was actually dead....

Now... off to lunch as we originally planned!

Stay Charming

Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Heros... Sheros

Did you know that your Charmed Styles designers are actually super heroes? Yep, we sure are. We spend majority of our time dedicated to helping others... known as children!v! You guessed.. we're teachers and in celebration of BACK TO SCHOOL we are having a S-A-L-E!!! Why not?!? All the department stores are having sales? All the school clothes are on SALE! Tax free weekend is coming up... so we at CS are having a sale as well.

Each purchase always comes with a free gift... yes ALWAYS!! However when you spend $25 or more you will also qualify for free shipping (as long as the items can fit into one package!) *Mention code CSFR* (shipping is refunded via paypal)

Also, if you are a friend/fan on FACEBOOK or you follow us on TWITTER then you receive a 10% discount. *Mention code CS10 when checking out* (refunded via paypal)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lessons Learned

Today was quite a whirlwind! It actually started last night when I couldn't sleep.... at ALL. The last time I checked my clock it was 6am (ohmywow). Three hours later my phone starts buzzing - but it was all with lovely news! If you recall my last post I mentioned making a pair of special order earrings. Those to the left were the outcome. Aren't the lovely?!! (Thanks) I made them for my aunt - as a prototype. I put these brown and peach peacock earrings on Charmed Styles (Esty) in the weeee hours of the morning. By the time I woke up - they were SOLD!! I was shocked. Pleasantly shocked, but still - SHOCKED. My aunt didn't even get a chance to see them, but that's ok. She chose purple, blue, and orange which are the colors of the company for whom she works.

Today's lessons (and I learned quite a few)
  1. E-mail pics of the listing as soon as I post.
  2. Sometimes shipping costs just as much as the item (ohmywow!!)
  3. Invest in a huge roll of bubble wrap - gotta keep my precious jewels safe as they ship.
  4. Advertising is not nagging. I admitt I was feeling a little guilty because I felt I may have entered the world of a nagging sales rep, but I remembered that you get out of a situation what you put into it. {I'm claiming return 1000 times over my imagination}
  5. Be patient... and keep praying.
{voice whispers}If you make it... they will buy!

Stay CHARMING! xoxo

{Black and yellow disk bracelet and earrings}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All in a day's work!

I'm quite excited! Things really are coming together. I've spent the past two days strictly on the web - I guess that doesn't sound like much considering Charmed Styles is a web store, but please believe it's much more than I though. However, I know with patience, time, and prayer all of it is going to workout in our favor.

The Facebook fanpage is up. Click "LIKE"

Twitter is up - Follow us

The Etsy store front is looking FABULOUS! Wanna peak? Sure go ahead! Charmed Styles on Etsy

The best part - to top it ALL off.... I got a custom order today {{whooooo-hoooooo}}!!!
The customer wants a small version of these peacock earrings. Don't worry I'll post the finished product!

Charmingly yours,