Saturday, August 7, 2010

Attack of the killer bees!!

Actually, it was a wasp... just one. It interrupted Joy and I as we were tinkering away with the jewelry. I opened the door to let Miss Eva (my pup) in and a wasp followed her. I thought it would be a pretty easy task to quickly hit the slow moving wasp with a broom and keep it moving. Boy, was I wrong!!

First, the killer bee landed on the ceiling of the kitchen... I ducked and grabbed the broom... hissed at Eva and swung. I missed.... yes I ran for cover. Yes... I screamed a little. Asked Joy if she knew where her Epi-Pen was (she's allergic to the WORLD). I went back into the kitchen for a 2nd attempt (Joy of course did NOT come out to help). This time the killer bee was on top of the fride... I grabbed my streaming bug spray and started streaming..... apparently I sprayed everything BUT the killer bee! (I was never good at the Fair games when you had to shoot at something). I abandoned the toxins because it was all over my kitchen (horrible).... at this point I watched the killer bee for a while - a couple seconds. Asked Eva was she going to do anything about it... its above her eye level, so she wasn't concerned.

Finally, I told Joy that she HAD to come assist me. She hesitantly comes out the room... I reassured her that I would not let her get stung and that I knew the quickest route to the ER and some natural alternatives to the Epi-Pen. I handed her a spray bottle full of water and I was armed with the broom. We tagged teamed that killer bee! But once we killed it.... it landed on TOP of the cupboard and I (afraid of heights) had to examine the evidence to reassure Miss Lady that it was actually dead....

Now... off to lunch as we originally planned!

Stay Charming

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