Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lessons Learned

Today was quite a whirlwind! It actually started last night when I couldn't sleep.... at ALL. The last time I checked my clock it was 6am (ohmywow). Three hours later my phone starts buzzing - but it was all with lovely news! If you recall my last post I mentioned making a pair of special order earrings. Those to the left were the outcome. Aren't the lovely?!! (Thanks) I made them for my aunt - as a prototype. I put these brown and peach peacock earrings on Charmed Styles (Esty) in the weeee hours of the morning. By the time I woke up - they were SOLD!! I was shocked. Pleasantly shocked, but still - SHOCKED. My aunt didn't even get a chance to see them, but that's ok. She chose purple, blue, and orange which are the colors of the company for whom she works.

Today's lessons (and I learned quite a few)
  1. E-mail pics of the listing as soon as I post.
  2. Sometimes shipping costs just as much as the item (ohmywow!!)
  3. Invest in a huge roll of bubble wrap - gotta keep my precious jewels safe as they ship.
  4. Advertising is not nagging. I admitt I was feeling a little guilty because I felt I may have entered the world of a nagging sales rep, but I remembered that you get out of a situation what you put into it. {I'm claiming return 1000 times over my imagination}
  5. Be patient... and keep praying.
{voice whispers}If you make it... they will buy!

Stay CHARMING! xoxo

{Black and yellow disk bracelet and earrings}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All in a day's work!

I'm quite excited! Things really are coming together. I've spent the past two days strictly on the web - I guess that doesn't sound like much considering Charmed Styles is a web store, but please believe it's much more than I though. However, I know with patience, time, and prayer all of it is going to workout in our favor.

The Facebook fanpage is up. Click "LIKE"

Twitter is up - Follow us

The Etsy store front is looking FABULOUS! Wanna peak? Sure go ahead! Charmed Styles on Etsy

The best part - to top it ALL off.... I got a custom order today {{whooooo-hoooooo}}!!!
The customer wants a small version of these peacock earrings. Don't worry I'll post the finished product!

Charmingly yours,


Charmed Styles

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This is the Key to Love necklace. Vintage looking bronze skeleton key with "love" heart tag and Czech glass bauble.

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